Building on mirroring the Docker Hub, I next wanted a way to share private Docker images between my main Docker host and with Docker Machines on VMs. Of course, I could have gone the route of subscribing to a service like Quay or even Docker Hub's own private plans, but again I'm limited on my bandwidth supply and, this would also mean re-downloading images across VMs, which is very wasteful.

It turns out that I can also run local private registries on the same host as my mirror as its own container, and what's more, I can put these all together in a simple Docker Compose system.

Mirroring the Docker Hub

Some recent work in maintaining the official Perl image for Docker lead me into pulling in different copies and tags of buildpack-deps more than once, in different machines; as a result, I used a lot of network bandwidth for image pulling. Aside from this, I also run several VMs via libvirt/KVM, via Docker Machine to start up VMs for Docker Swarm and Minikube.

I wanted to save my bandwidth usage, and it turns out there is a way to do this by building on some Docker features...