TIL in this Month's Perl 6 Bug SQUASHathon

A bit overdue post, but I attended this months's Perl 6 Community Bug Squashathon last weekend and it was fun! I had a great time learning some more Perl 6 while making contributions at the same time. Definitely looking forward to next month's!

Here are a few little bits of Things I've Learned...

  • Through type constraints on the invocant in method signatures, Perl 6 classes can have class and instance methods.
  • The same type constraints above are nicknamed type smileys, and check for the invocant's .DEFENITEness (whether if it is a type object, or an object instance)
  • Int/Real .rand method do emit a result between 0 inclusive and n exclusive.
  • make/made in grammar Match objects access stores for data in grammar action classes
  • Perl 6 IRC has a lot of bots doing all sorts of work, from reporting PRs and reviews, to passing away messages, and even providing a Perl 6 evaluator for tiny programs!
  • There's virtual pizza in the Squashathon, yum!

Even after the month's squashathon ended, there's still a few things I think I can do in the meantime:

Thanks to Zoffix, moritz, AlexDaniel, and others for guiding me, so looking forward to helping out further soon!

How about you, dear readers? Maybe you can help out too?